TOP DREAM COMPANY  is a ten-piece band from Prague, Czech Republic. The key words here are funk, soul & groove.

This energetic group was founded in 2004 and since then it has been spreading funk and soul through many clubs, festivals and events in the entire central Europe. During this time the band has got to maintain a very strong position on the central European funk scene. TDC has worked with a wide range of artists from the Czech republic as well as some internationally renowned musicians and the band has participated in several TV shows.

TOP DREAM COMPANY has released a number of CDs and a live DVD, and made some music videos. The most recent ones are So Dance (2017) in English and X-Stát (2016) in Czech language.

Recently the band is working on finishing a new EP called Funk You! which is going to have a pure funk sound made for dancing and with English lyrics. Furthermore there will be another EP in 2018 that will be completely Czech, hence the name Made in Czech.